Anne of Green Gables
I read the novel written by Montgomery about 40 years ago. Anne was positive, energetic and genius. It's her growth story. At that time, At that time, I admired Anne. Now It's being broadcasted On NHK. I watched that movie. After that, I wanted to see it. And I watched all 27 episodes of Netfirix. Tt was a little different from the original. This time, I was impressed by Matthew and Marilla. Matthew was always kind. He said he doesn't want to be for himself. He was always on Anne's side. And Marilla was always confuse on Anne's behavior. But, Marilla became understand Anne gradually. I sympathized with her. I was impressed by them. After watching my heart became a warm.


My hobby
I have a small good news. I got the semi specilty prize. Photo contest of Nature, last Decenber. I took the photo last March on the snowday. Cherry blossom and snow and three birds. I have been taking photo for over 10 years. I take photo of various photos. Taking photo makes me happy and to meet with new people. Seeing now places and enjoy nature. But I couldn't do so last year due to COVId-19. Now I take photo in my neighborhood early morning sometimes. If COVID-19 has settled down. I want to travel any place. and taking photos


I have gained weight recently due to lack of exercise and overeating. That's why I decided to go to the curves. Curves only women only 30 minutes workout gym. There are 12 machines. Two laps of the machines in 30 minutes interval time 20 seconds stepping. And there is an announcement automatically every 30 seconds like this in English. 1.Chenge stations now. 2.Now move a way from the station and find your heart rate. 3.Get ready for the 10 seconds count three-two-one count. finally stop move to the next station. Tt's very interesting for me. I go there 4 to 5 times a week. I couldn't use machines at first. But I'm getting used to them. And them, there were a little change in my body losing weight and body fat. increased skeletal muscle rate, physical age has changed. It's a good thing so far. But I'm easy to warm and easy to cool. I get bores easily.


My golf
I went to golf yesterday a country club. The tmperature was high and hot. But, I enjoyed playing golf. My score was the worst. I found out the weekness of my gol. It's a lack of practice. and one more I want to use a good tools. Playing golf under the blue sky. I could feel relaxed from the bottom of the my heart.


Taking photography
I stared digital photography in summer of 2008. Taking photography became my life long passion. I have been taking photography since 2008. Taking photography makes me happy. To meet with new people, see new place and show them to the others from my point of view makes me happy. I love to go outside and enjoy nature and especiaiiy light and coloure of nature.


Water melon
I grow some vegetables in my garden. But temperature is high this summer. I'm upset that my vegetables don't grow as I expected. Especially, I have waited to eat water melon. Water melon, in general, We can be harvested it 35 days after Pollination. I had a lot of expections, I made a mark on the calendar, But, it was too ripen due to too heat. I couldn't eat it.


Thunder clouds
Last Sunday in afternoon, We could see huge thunder clouds in the north of distant sky. A photo's friend said, It's really unusual thunder clouds. He said, I want to take of it. And then I asked him to go with. And we went to see good view place Arakawa river of the bank. After a while It's getting dark. Suddenly lightnig came out from the clouds. We were surprised to
unexpected the lighting. I was impressed taking photos of lightnig the first time.


Augast 12th
2 years old Masakichan was missing in Yamaguti prefuctuer. His family went to grondfathers hometown during his stay. He was lost on the way home while, He was walking alon to back his house. Police officers were seeking for him for two days. But couldn't find him. On the third day morning, Masakishan was found by volunteer Obatasan. I watched him in the arms of Obatasan on TV. I coudn't stop weeping, I was happy to see, He was rescued.



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