Two summer festivals
I went to two summer festivals to take photos last Sunday and last Wednesday. Last Sunday It was water festival at Fukagawa in Tokyo. Splash water people who carry portable shrine by hose. Spectators got splased and soaking wet.
Last Wednesday, I went to Nagatoro's fireworks. It took three hours from my house to Nagataoro, I arrived there at Then, I treid to get good position for taking nice photos of fireworks. But I counldn't get that place deu to crowds. The place was good to see, but no good to take photos. becouse, it was directry over head. I gave up taking photos and just waching them. When I came back home I was very tired


Water melon
I grow some vegetables in my garden, but temperature is higt this summer. I'm upset that my vegetables don't grow as I expected. Especialy, I have waited to eat water melon. In general we can be harvested it 35 days after pollinetion. I had a lot of expectation. I made a mark on the calender.Unfortunately I couldn't eat it becose it was too ripen.


Summer festival
I went to AIZUTAJIMA in Hukushima for photos's trip from the day after yseterday with photo club menbers by bus. In Aizutajim, There was the Gion festival every July. It was one of Japan's three greattest festival. I didn't know the detailed historical thing. Young women who ware the traditional dress of about 50 brides walked in procession to the shrain. They were very beautiful. I took many photos of them. Aizutajima was so cool. morning temperature was 22℃ and the breeze feels great. I escaped from the heet two days. When I came back to Sitama yesterday, Kumagaya was the top of the temperature in Japan


2018 Russia Word Cup
Suddenly, Just before 46 days, It was announced as a coach of Japan Foot Ball Team chenged by J.F.A. Accorrding to the announcement, the reson was lack of communication between the former coach and palyers. And a new coach was Mr. Nishino, He who used to be the J-league's coach for a long time. I did not know him at all. At that time, The first league contories wewe fixed. Thewe were strong contories sach as Columbia, Senegal and Poland. And then player has been announced, veteran players who experienced word cup were selected. Mr.Nishino spork in a press conference that Japan team would defeat Columbia. Nobady belived. But as he said, Japan defeaed Columbia 2-1, Japan drew with Senegal 2-2, Japan lost to Poland 1-0. And then, Japan qualified to Round of 16. I watched second half live. I was impressived, Japan was strong also Mr.Nishino took courageus decision. He was only 46 days coach, But he did a big and great job. They gave a big impact in the world and imprestion for us. I became his big fun. I am proud of Japan team.


Free ticket
I'm a menber of East senir club. There ie four days free 15,000yen ticket for all trains. I hadn't decided where to go. When I had bought the ticet. On first day, I went to Ashikaga park using Shinkansen to take photos of various flowers and to eat famous Sano ramen. I did not to out on the second, the third day due to tiredness and heat. On the last day, I went to KItakata ctiy in Hukushima to take photos of the Japaness tradition biuding and ate KItakata ramen. There were many sinior who triped with this ticket.


I went to Miyagi last week with husband by car. My husband wanted to go his home town by his drive using holidays. But, he is over years old. My son and me were warried about hisdrive. I was not supported to go there. I decided to acampany him. We arrived at his home town. I was relived. His two sisters are over 80 years old. They were glad to meet us. At last I felt happy to meet them. We stayed S.A, we came back home.


Recently, One big topic in the scandal news. That is about one funny old man. he was a man of properties. He loveed many young women, According to his books, he divorced twice and he had bed with about 4.000 women and spending maney 300 million yen. Two months ago, He married the 22 year old woman. That old man deid other day. The prefectural police investigated the murder case. becouse cocain was found in his stomoch. Mass media dout his wife and house made. I'm waching I can't take my eyes off the news.


I went to Miyagi of my home town two nights three days. My elder sister lives there. She complains about her husband with phone. Becouse her husband become alzheimer and parkinson's disease. He is 81 years old. He has many loss day by day. His brain has shrinked. He can take care of himself a littli still now, but he will not be able to do that. My sister said, She gets tired of taking care of him evey day. That's why I was going to help her to listen her complains, and we went to hotspring. She was relax. I was relieved a little. I came home.



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