Take a picture
I went to Annaka in Gunma prefecter to take photos of Sakura blossoms. The cherry blossoms were still blooming, becouse it was on the top of the montains We were able to see fresh green of the trees and montinms far away. The scenery was very beautiful.
Next day, I went to kawagoe to take photos of kawagoe old twon. There are many tenples and shrins. I took photos a whole day from 10am. to 5pm. I enjoyed meeting people and looking for photogenic's objects.


I went to golf the day after yesterday with two friends. due to over crowded and a senior citizen joined in us. I have been playing golf for five years. It was best scar this time for me. I think, My golf might have a little progress.


I went to Watarase in Gunma prefecture taking a photo of razing. Reed has grown in Watarase wetland in swanp. Burnning yoshi is once a year as annual event. We can see amazing scene that. But yoshi didn't burn at all due to raine the day before this year. I was disappointed, becouse I left home at 5am. I got tired and came back home.


My garden
I felt spring this morning. That's why, I prepared to plant spring and summer vegetables. I bought compost feryilizer and lime. I have tilled the soil while about one hour. It's hard for me. I had no appatite too tired to eat. I will be busy from now.


Frb 17th Winter Olympics
Pyeongchang Olympics Frb 17th
Hanyu and Uno did a great job of figure skating. They did the 1.2 finished. And, They brought Japan to the first multiple skating medals. I watched many times their excellent performances and I was impressed every times. And then, last night, There was 500m speed skating game. Ms.Kodaira won took gold medal. Olympics athretes have have high motivation and they have rispectfull rivals. I was admired for mental strength after I watch the olypic games. I wondered how they were progredding.


Mt. Yatsugatake
I went to Mt.Yatsugatake in Nagano prefecture taking photos of a snow-covered world. Mt.Yatsugatake altitude is 1600m. White mountains were very fantastic, I forget the cold for a while. However on that day's temperature was minus 16 degrees. Some skiers, climbers, and tourists wrer there. They enjoyed in each. My face and my hands were coverd snow, It difficult to press the shutter. But I was able to take many valuable photos.


I want to live for myself
I read a novel [Ora orade hitoride igumo] writtin by Satciko Wakatake who got Akutagawa award last year. She is 63 years old and the novel is her ideal about new life style. The book says, The heroine was born and grown up Iwate prefecture when she was 24 years old, She didn't accept arranged marriaged set by her parents, and she moved in Tokyo. After a while, She got married and she raised two chirdren. And them, Her chirdren became indpendent. and her husband passed away. She lives alone now. She wants to live her own life from now. That is story of the book. After I read this book, I see, I understand how she lives, I agree with her living. I want to live for myself.


Golf practice
My golf practice tiketes will expire in a week. I didn't want to go driving range last thursday, but I went there. On that day, It was a really cold day snow had not yet melted. I couldn't see the ball I had hit. becouse there was a lot of snow in the golf ground, It was white. and too cold. I felt like the coach was about to finish early. Me too.



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